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When entering talking therapy, you’ll have plenty of things to think about, and understandably, you’ll have questions and concerns.


One thing you’ll not have to worry about is contractual complications or receiving any unexpected charges from our work together.

Clear Pricing

With my transparent pricing structure, you’ll know exactly what our sessions will cost in advance, as below:


1. Free Chat: This is as described. There will be no charge.


2. Initial Consultation (90 minutes): £155.


3. Regular Weekly Sessions (50 minutes each): £99 per session.

  • All fees will be discussed and confirmed from the outset.

  • Fees are invoiced monthly and reviewed periodically.

  • I accept payments by standing order and bank transfer.

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Clear Contract

During the initial consultation, we will make a verbal contract that represents the commitment of both parties to work together. 


This will include agreements on the following:

  • The day and time of the regular 50-minute sessions.

  • The charges and payment method for the sessions.

  • Specific arrangements for cancelled sessions and holidays.

Psychodynamic counselling may be time-limited or open-ended.


In either situation, the ending of the counselling relationship is an important aspect of the work. The final session is agreed upon by both parties in advance or in the latter stages of the counselling process. This avoids a sudden or abrupt ending, which may be detrimental to your recovery.

Cancellation & Missed Sessions

Appointments will be reserved for you on an agreed basis (time-limited or ongoing) each week until the last agreed session.


You will be charged each week/for each booked session and invoiced monthly.


There is a minimum of 1-month advance notice for termination of the mutually agreed contract, and sessions will be charged up until the end of the termination period. The initial consultation (90 minutes) and any ad-hoc session (50 minutes) booked will be charged at their full rates.


These charges also apply if you are holding a regular weekly session and you are unable to attend your scheduled time slot. However, if you provide at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, I will endeavor to offer you an alternative session that week, dependent on availability.

I will inform you of annual holidays and half terms in advance. I will not charge during these periods. If you arrive late for your session, I will not be able to extend the length of your session.

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I am the right person for you.

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