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The Process

There is no shame in feeling unwell and asking for help.


Most of us, at one time or another, will suffer from some form of mental ill health. And during these times, we could do with a helping hand.


Yet many of us find it difficult to reach out. We are reluctant to share our ‘vulnerabilities’ or ‘burdens’ with others.

That’s why deciding to seek the help of a therapist is an important first step. 


Overcoming this mental obstacle can bring a sense of relief. You’ll no longer feel alone. But it may create a new set of obstacles you had not considered before. Such as:


  • How do I know what to look for in a talking therapist?

  • How will I know that I have found the right one?

  • What is the process of the counselling relationship?

  • How many sessions will I need to feel better?

My 4-Step Process has been designed with these questions and concerns in mind. 

Get Started in 4 Steps

With this simple process, we will be able to establish if we are a perfect fit for each other and lay out the way we will work together.


Here are the stages of therapeutic work, based on a few principles, such as time, duration, and structure of sessions.

agneta lindberg therapy process

Step 1.

Watch My Introductory Video

Step 2.

Book a 'Connection' Chat

Step 3.

Initial 90-minute Consultation

A free chat is an opportunity for us to make an initial connection. The goal is to find out if we gel together, rather than delving deep into the problem. This will help you to decide if I am the right person for you.

The next step is to book an initial consultation.


In this 90-minute (1hr 30 minute) session, we will discuss your situation and how we can work together.


You’ll have the freedom to talk about yourself and what is of concern. I will also introduce myself while keeping the focus on you.

How you feel throughout the counselling process is of utmost importance to me. My complete focus throughout our sessions and the ultimate end goal is always for you to feel better.

Step 4.

Regular Weekly 50-minute Sessions

We will then meet for regular weekly 50-minute sessions.


The total number of sessions required to complete our work is very individual. Some clients feel sufficiently better after 20 sessions, while others continue working together for longer, sometimes a few years.


During our work together, we will discuss where you are in your progress and what seems most appropriate in terms of treatment length and your symptoms. 

Some people find the early sessions difficult, as they are unsure what is expected of them or how to proceed when they are given time to talk about themselves. I will provide structure and guidance while at the same time being sensitive to what style of support you find most helpful. 


As we build on our relationship, the middle sessions will involve addressing the root cause of your issues and working together on solutions. We are working with the present moment, while still keeping awareness about past experiences and looking towards the future. 

Working towards an ending is an important phase of the healing process. Therefore, it is inadvisable to stop abruptly.

Confidential Therapy

Confidentiality is important in therapy. I am bound by the BACP Code of Ethics on confidentiality and would only consider breaking confidentiality:

  • If the patient discloses ongoing abuse and/or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult.

  • If there’s a risk, the patient will endanger themself/others or where there is a legal requirement to do so (e.g., under the Terrorism Act 2000).

  • In such cases, I would normally discuss the issue with the patient first.

In accordance with the BACP Code of Ethics, I will not discuss the therapy sessions with anyone except in supervision.

Contact Me

To see if we gel together and if

I am the right person for you.

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